Market Segment

Our Segment of the Market embraces different city's of Santiago like, El Golf, Los Dominicos, Vitacura, la Dehesa, Santa María de Manquehue among other, focusing on the highest level of national and international clients.

In the sector El Golf, Providence and Las Condes we characterize ourselves leasing furnished homes for short or long periods.

In these city's we capture the best properties with the most diverse attributes: modern, of wide, luminous spaces, of high security, they possess alarms, gardens, pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, gym, laundry, etc. (with or without furniture), and we offer them to our real and potential, clients.

The company has maps of 800 properties that daily are modernized to respond to the demands of a highly competitive market.

Providencia 2286, 5° Piso - Metro Los Leones - Santiago, Chile
: 2312905 - 2314349 - 2326848
Fax: 2326848
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